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Junk Removal

Why Use Joey's Junk Removal LLC Services?

We Don’t Judge the Junk

Removing unwanted items from a house, apartment, garage or commercial building can be both physically and emotionally difficult. Some items are heavy, awkwardly shaped or just plain hard to move, like a mattress. If a property has been vacant for a long time, there could be biological contaminants lurking in the space that could cause an allergic reaction – things like mold, bacteria, viruses and animal dander. Cockroaches and other insects may have taken up residence amid the debris. In the case of a loved one who has passed, clearing out their home can be a painful experience for their survivors. Likewise, removing debris from the residence of a hoarder is often an emotionally charged situation.

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Joey's Junk Removal LLC treats all jobs with sensitivity and respect. We don’t judge the junk. We simply remove it, quickly and efficiently, so that you can move on to whatever you need to do next. Avoid ergonomic injuries, potential health hazards and grief by using our junk removal services. We are experienced at all scenarios:

  • A homeowner who declutters due to an impending move

  • The buyer of a foreclosed home whose previous owner left a lot of debris behind

  • A hoarder whose home environment is dangerous to his or her health

  • A building damaged by fire

  • A long-vacant commercial building that is about to be renovated for new use

  • A house whose owner has died

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

At Joey's Junk Removal LLC, we make sure our employees follow the three “Ps:”

  • Be Polite

  • Be Punctual

  • Be Professional

We arrive when we say we will, treat each customer with respect and clear out the room or building in a professional manner. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We are a family-owned business that has been serving the Troy area for more than a decade.


For fast and efficient junk removal services, call Joey's Junk Removal LLC at (518) 237-5865 or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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For over a decade now, Joey’s Junk Removal has been providing professional, dependable, affordable service to our customers.